Let's Remix your Relationship!

You can have your 5⭐ Relationship.

  • Are you ready to stop being afraid to speak up in your relationship?
  • Are you craving to be deeply seen, heard and understood by your partner?
  • Do you wanna be able to clearly communicate your wants, needs and emotions... using tools that support you and your nervous system?
  • How about feeling so deeply connected to your partner that whenever conflict does arise (because it will) you know you can not only solve it together but come even closer together?

This is not a pipe dream.  It is not a fantasy.  and it is most definitely not "too good to be true".

I know how to get you that 5-star relationship you want.


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I've learned A LOT through relationships…

I'm a recovering people pleaser who used to constantly abandon myself by shying away from doing or saying anything that I thought would make my partner leave. 

I didn't speak up.  I was always fighting for attention and accepting the bare minimum as love.  

I reached my own breaking point when I was blind-sided with an ending of a relationship.   It left me feeling like I was too hard to love. (Can you relate?) 

If I could go back, I’d give that Amber a big ol hug, share all the things I've learned and I would save myself so much heartache. 

I knew I couldn't go through another relationship like that.  So, I decided to through everything I ever did in relationships out the window.

⭐I was fully myself from the jump.  They could take it or leave it. (This was so much harder than I expected). 

⭐I took messy action and had hard conversations (that I’d usually shy away from). 

⭐I made myself a priority (even if they needed something from me). 

⭐I learned how to say the scary thing in a cool, calm and collected way instead of being overly emotional.

⭐The result?  I have been able to create my 5-star relationship that all day, every day feels like the perfect rainy fall day, being bundled up in my fave blanket reading the latest fantasy romance novel. (A Court of Thorns & Roses, anyone?)

If I, a small-town mountain girl who always felt like she needed to be perfect to be loved, can make this my reality then you can too.   We’ll keep the process real, honest and simple. 

Remember, relationships can be a source of conflict & pain, but they don't have to stay that way.

They can also be a place of incredible healing & growth.

Book a call so we can get you on the path towards your 5⭐️ relationship.  Can’t wait to hear your story! See you soon!

I see you.  I hear you.  I love you. 

PS.  There may or may not be a special gift for anyone who books a call with me.... you won't know unless you do it.  😉💖